The Kid Who Would Be President (Photos of Young Barack Obama)

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Barack Obama Sr. poses with his son in the Honolulu airport during Obama Sr.’s only visit to see his son while he was growing up in Hawaii. Young Barack was in the 5th grade when the photo was taken
Barack Obama with his maternal grand parents, Stanley and Madelyn Dunham during a 1982 visit to New York , where Obama was attending Columbia (Courtesy of The Obama Family)
Barack Obama walks with his grandmother Sarah Hussein Obama at his father’s house in Nyongoma Kogelo village, western Kenya , in Aug. 2006 (AP file)
Barack Obama with his grandmother, Sarah Hussein Obama, in Africa


Barack Obama as a toddler

(Courtesy of Barack Obama)

Barack Obama as a child (Courtesy of Barack Obama)
Barack walks along Waikiki Beach shortly before he and his mother moved from Hawaii to Indonesia to live with her second husband, Lolo Soetoro, in 1967
Barack poses with his mother, Ann, half sister, Maya, and maternal grandfather Stanley Dunham in Hawaii in the early 1970s after the family returned from Indonesia. Neighbors remember the close relationship between young Barack and his grandfather
A page from Barack Obama’s senior yearbook features his personalized message to family, friends and teammates.
(Photo from The Oahuan Yearbook)

Just goes to prove you can be anything you WANT to be…

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24 Responses to “The Kid Who Would Be President (Photos of Young Barack Obama)”

  1. Wow, I hadn’t seen these photos before. Thanks for posting.

  2. francisonline says:

    i for one was happy that obama got elected, but as time has passed and the euphoria has died down, i must admit to having some misgivings. we’ll see…….

  3. How long have we waited for a president who would do this?

    Read “Help Others” story

  4. Great pic’s….. I think that Obama is going to bring upon great changes for our country.
    I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised over the next few years.

  5. Barack ObeyMe says:

    Better open yer wallets. Cause he wants what you make.

  6. gigggaaaaaawhaaaaat says:

    Nice photos. Obama is going to do a ton! Can’t wait for him and John McCain to close Guantannamo TOGETHER.

  7. thankfully we live in a world where he doesnt have to go by the name Barry

  8. francisonline says:

    my goodness! what’s in a name? it’s what he does with the power that’s about to be endowed on him.

  9. A thousand words in a picture and one conclusion – a dysfunctional family life.

  10. The republicans saw the real books before the election, knew the depression was here, stuck a loser like McCain out, gave him a free hand to shoot himself in the foot, and threw the election to avoid being in office for the bad times they caused. Obama is left “holding the bag” he is their “dupe” or “fall guy” and they are all in outside positions to “point the finger”. Outside of a small miracle, Obama is about to get his ass kicked good for all the wrong the republicans did, just as they orchestrated it! Here’s hoping that honesty and ingenuity will save his ass, we all need him to succeed, and I for one pray for it!

  11. Barry, lol! That’s classic.

  12. To Uncle B,

    The senate is majority democrats, and guess what, the senate is the group who approves what goes on in the country! We’ve had a terrible past four years and then dems are equally responsible for America’s trouble.

  13. Oh my Me, this is so me-damn interesting. And quite funny. But…

    Ok, ok. It was more me-damn funny than interesting.

  14. Think bush did bad for this country! Wait to see how bad it’s really going to get now.

  15. “We go play hoop”? lol. Now it’s “We go save economy from toilet”

  16. Love the post! Thanks! Interesting to see where the new leader of the free world came from…

    For the rest of you who keep negatively bashing the man, please leave the country. Hear Mexico is losing most of its workers since they keep coming over here…lol…lazy Americans for hard working, if not English speaking, workers.

    Sounds like a deal to me! :)

  17. His high school yearbook picture looks like leon phelps – the SNL ladies man

  18. Uncle B said it all. That’s exactly the way it is. The neocons raped and pillaged the country under George Bush, spent all the surplus that Bill Clinton had built up, then went to work putting our country so far into debt it will take years and a miracle to bring it back. They got us into a war that has cost trillions of tax payer dollars, allowed the banking industry to go unregulated so that we are now in a deep recession and are being forced to spend billions bailing out greedy banks and corporations. The Republicans had no intention of winning this election–why would they want to? They got everything they wanted, lined their pockets with our money, and now the country is a mess. So, it is no surprise they ‘let’ the democrat win. Now, the poor scapegoat gets handed the mess and Bush and his cronies walk away laughing. It’s just icing on the cake for those creeps that the new president is not only a democrat, but black as well.

    Now, the country, including those who voted for Barack, all expect him to work miracles and bring us out of this. It’s impossible. In the end, everyone will forget who got us into the mess (Bush) and will blame Obama? Mark my words

  19. I was listening to internet radio and they were syaing that Reagon called it “starving the beast”. Democrats would work to create a surplus from deficits created by the previous Republican administration. So the Democrats cannot enact all the measures they want as they are just trying to play catch up with their inhereted deficits. They are rewarded by the electorate voting them out for not outwardly performing and the Republicans come in with a new surplus at their disposal and spend everything into deficit again. Over and over again the Republicans reap the rewards of the lefts fiscal management.

  20. I was totally in favor of Obama up until the election.
    Now, I also have some reservations. Not about Obamas abilities, but because I have come to the realization that the Republicans have destroyed this Country so totally that no one, not even Obama, will be able to fix everything. The rich now control everything, and are still getting richer by the minute.

    Obama will definitly have his hands full just trying to keep all of us middle and low income people from losing everything we have worked for. But I can’t think of a better person to try. If anyone can fix things, Obama will. I just hope it is not too late.

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves for putting Bush back into office for that second term!

  21. Great pictures, I’ve seen a few of them floating around, but most of them are new to me.

  22. John E. Blazed says:

    This is for all of you die hard repubs who felt the need to tell the rest of us that obama is goin to fail, take money from us…yadda yadda yadda. You idiots are the reason this country is such a joke to the rest of the world. You narrow minded, egotistical, sheep should wake up and realize that you aren’t strong enough in numbers to win over the American worker that has had to deal with your majority asses for too long and we’re going to take our country back! The disenfranchised worker is the majority now (thanks to bush politics) and your days of free rides and living on the millions that daddy made when republican cronyism was the rule of the day. Get out and work rich boy, the American worker isn’t going to carry your lazy ass anymore!

  23. Barack ObeyMe says:

    Better open yer wallets. Cause he wants what you make.

    IF YOU MAKE MORE THAN $200,000 a year sure….if you make less, you can keep your closed. Stop trying to scare people OBEYME, It didn’t work for McCaine/Palin….why the hell would it work for you.

  24. Hey guys,

    This post was never intended to carry a political message, but from your comments/discussions I see that the way these pictures are being looked at is taking on a partisan point of view.

    Hence, with due respect to my readers, I have no choice other than to close the discussion on this post.

    Thank you for visiting.