Consider your options before the health reforms kick in

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It’s kind of confusing as to why many companies do not have a full-fledged professional consultancy support when it comes to choosing an insurance plan for their employees.

In the long run, firms can actually save money, time and efforts by consulting an established insurance agency before going in for a plan that fit the their budget as well as the employees’ needs.

However, since we’re all waiting for President Obama’s health reforms, companies and employees will seriosly have to consider another aspect of health insurance payments. At the moment, employer contributions to health insurance costs are not subject to income and payroll taxes. But according to some reports on CNNMoney, there’s a likelihood that these benefits may be limited — just to fill the huge whole in the budget the new health reforms will create.

Then again, these will vary from state to state. Matter of fact, right now, no one seems to know how exactly the health reforms may affect individuals. If you’re planning to play it safe, you could consult an established and resourceful insurance group for the best plans for you and your family. For instance, if you’re a resident of North Carolina, bcbsnc (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina) has an array of plans. They will even confer with you to identify your specific needs.

I’m going for a flexible personal insurance scheme while I await the new laws of the proposed health reforms.

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